2023 Midwest Classic Mixed Sale Entries - Hips 1-147
Tuesday, November 21 - 12:00 p.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since September 14, 2023.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Downthehillwego Filly Ontopofthehill Raffaelli's Filly Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Lyle Knepp    
2     Let Me Rock Filly Don't Let'em Rockabye Glory Aron Bontrager    
3     Rockin Treats Filly Rockin Image Sanfrancisco Treat Miller Standardbreds    
4     CV Odds In The Wind Filly Odds On Equuleus Scandal In The Wind In Law Stables, Agent     
5     Magic Fashion Filly Crescent Fashion Shawnee Magic Chapel Ridge Farm    
6     Crescent Roll Filly Crescent Fashion Shawnee Red Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
7     Lest G Boy OUT Gelding Swan In A Million Sherra Moor Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Agent  
8     Heza Hot Roddin Colt Freaky Feet Pete Sheza Cool Cookie Alpine Stables    
9     Rehelee Gelding Swan In A Million Shivaget Aron Bontrager    
10     Move A Million Gelding Swan In A Million Signature Move Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
11     Deal The Odds OUT Colt Odds On Equuleus Sono Bello Bluebird Meadows, Agent, Agent  
12     Party Pail Filly Swan For All Soprano Hanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent     
13     You Know Swan Colt Swan In A Million South Hall Party David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Viola Miller    
14     Southernhilltopper Gelding Ontopofthehill Southern Holiday Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for JR Stoll Farm    
15     RJ's Sweet Anne Filly Capt Midnight Sports Anchor RJ's Standardbreds    
16     CV Always N Time Colt Always A Virgin Stage Review In Law Stables, Agent     
17     Swanroseforme Filly Guccio Starlit Swanforme Wittmer Standardbreds    
18     Straight Fuels Turbo Colt Beckham's Z Tam Straight Fuel In Law Stables, Agent for Mel Eash    
19     Massive Popsickle Filly Muscle Massive Sugar Pop Miller Standardbred    
20     Midnight Seelster Filly Capt Midnight Synergy Seelster Eden Standardbreds    
21     Teagan's Image Gelding Helpisontheway Teagan Aron Bontrager    
22     Thisswansforreal Filly Swan In A Million Tiffy Chapel Ridge Farm    
23     Canceled Contract Filly Rockin Image Tyra Shady Lane Meadows    
24     Don'tletemparty Filly Don't Let'em Un Aperitif Wittmer Standardbreds    
25     Upandoverthehill Colt Ontopofthehill Winky's Cassina Wittmer Standardbreds    
26     JNM Golden Heart Filly Capt Midnight Wondering Heart JNM Farm  
27     Me Myself N Rosie OUT Filly Crescent Fashion You Me And Rosie Chapel Ridge Farm  
28     Ponda Lush Filly Dover Dan Ackbro Ms Perfect Pond A Acres    
29     After A Few Filly Swan In A Million After Jesse Aron Bontrager    
30     Bluebird Vanessa Filly Check Six Alibi Seelster Bluebird Meadows    
31     Swan More Gelding Swan In A Million All Munky Business Aron Bontrager    
32     Rockin Sureal Filly Rockin Image Amber Dancer Shady Lane Meadows    
33     Helpmeimonfire Gelding Helpisontheway Ameronica Aron Bontrager    
34     X-ccelerator Filly Swan For All Anythingforyou In Law Stables    
35     Lethimgojoe Colt Don't Let'em Appomattox Lady Wittmer Standardbreds    
36     Captain Blue Photo Filly Capt Midnight Asteria Blue Chip Rangetop Stables    
37     Miracle Maven Filly Don't Let'em Bad Babysitter Oak Ridge Farm    
38     CS Swan Lexi OUT Filly Swan For All Barexi Oakwood Farms, Agent, Agent    
39     Kaybree Filly Swan For All Barmaid Blues Yoder Standardbreds    
40     LA Bettor Image Filly Rockin Image Bettor In Than Out Loamy Acres    
41     Gucciosbeybey Filly Guccio Beybeybey Jesse Miller  
42     Juswannabme Filly Fiftydallarbill Bien Volo Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for JR Stoll Farm    
43     Allyswancharger Gelding Swan In A Million Blameitonthealcohl Oakwood Farms, Agent     
44     Bluebird Shuterfly Filly Pilot Discretion Bluebird Command Bluebird Meadows    
45     Ponda Nosee Filly Tellitlikeitis Brielle Hanover Pond A Acres    
46     Budcreek Bluto Colt Crescent Fashion C A Sweet Lips Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent     
47     Don't Catch Me Colt Don't Let'em Caledonia Sea Miller Standardbred    
48     Chrome Comet Filly Chrome Flywheel Cantab's Chorine Norman Miller    
49     JN Check This Case Colt Check Six Case Solved Meadow Valley Farm    
50     Cha Cha Cha Bling Colt Fiftydallarbill Cha Cha Cha Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville KY    
51     Midnight Running Filly Capt Midnight Cheekie Luckiana Farm    
52     Volo Cancellato OUT Colt Swan In A Million Classy Volo Chapel Ridge Farm  
53     Carpathia Filly Rockin Image Crazy For You Brookview Farms, Agent for Joe Helmuth    
54     Don't Spank Checky Colt Check Six Don't Spank Me Mervin E. Schwartz    
55     A Realfaith Filly Real Desire E R Leapoffaith Gary L. Miller    
56     Brookview Fashion Filly Real Desire Fashion Virtue Brookview Farms    
57     Rockin Lexus Filly Rockin Image Flying Nun Luckiana Farm    
58     Garbo Don'tletem Colt Don't Let'em Garbo Blue Chip Aspy Creek Stables    
59     Sweet N Speedy Filly Odds On Equuleus Ghost Like In Law Stables    
60     Redasroses Filly Ontopofthehill Graceful Pine Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for JR Stoll Farm    
61     Hey Blinkin Colt Tellitlikeitis Gypsy Bellevue Alpine Stables    
62     Eagle Ridge Jetta Filly Swan In A Million Hullaballoo Girl Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Eagle Ridge Farm    
63     Mr Iris Yankee Gelding Swan In A Million Iris Yankee Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent     
64     Honor That Girl Filly Honor And Serve JL Lindas Star Integrity Stables, Agent     
65     Foxy Lady's Lilly Filly Guccio JS Foxy Lady Nathan Miller & Marvin Miller  
66     Katies Million Filly Swan In A Million Katiesfamousfilly Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
67     Won't Let Em Colt Don't Let'em Keystone Wynn Eden Standardbreds    
68     Mountain Top Muscle Colt Ontopofthehill Lady Robin Oakwood Farms, Agent     
69     Iceing Filly Freaky Feet Pete Layer Cake Alpine Stables    
70     General Grant Colt Fiftydallarbill Lima Pizzaz Rangetop Stables    
71     Love Like Rain Gelding Capt Midnight Louphoria Luckiana Farm    
72     Winnergagnant Colt Muscle Massive Luna Pier Victory Hill Farm, Agent     
73     Midnight's Lyon Colt Capt Midnight Lyon's Moonlight Eden Standardbreds    
74     Fast N Flighty Gelding Helpisontheway M T Ur Pockets Norman Miller, Agent     
75     Mehelpingyou OUT Colt Helpisontheway Mamie's Nightmare Shady Lane Meadows    
76     Brookview Freddy Gelding Check Six Mattjestic Tempo Brookview Farms    
77     Moneyisontheway Colt Helpisontheway Money For Shari Hidden Acres Stables    
78     Was An Adventure Colt Rockin Image Odds On Aventure In Law Stables    
79     On To Norway Colt Muscle Massive One Class Act Bennett Farms Inc.    
80     Brookview Ferrari Gelding Capt Midnight Patronne Seelster Brookview Farms    
81     Ideal Check Filly Check Six Pearlameri In Law Stables    
82     Cruisinonhigh Filly Don't Let'em Princess Ray Hidden Acres Stables    
83     Teapot Filly You Know You Do Pure Happenstance Aron Bontrager    
84     Crescent Fury OUT Filly Crescent Fashion Hera's Fury Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
85     Famous Guccio Colt Guccio Katiesfamousfilly Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
86     Lou N Jane Filly Check Six Louphoria Luckiana Farm  
87     Prayer Helps Filly Helpisontheway Swans Prayer Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent   
88     Somebeachsomefra Mare Somebeachsomewhere Ms Caila J Fra Winterwood Farm, Agent   
89     Stella Rose Filly Dover Dan Rose Run Rae Summit Pacing Acres  
90     Temporal Hanover (Share #28) Stallion Oak Ridge Farm  
91     Swan For All (Share #59) Stallion Oak Ridge Farm  
92     Swan For All (Share #73) Stallion Oak Ridge Farm  
93     Swan For All (Share #64) Stallion Woodside Farm  
94     Dover Dan (Share #42) Stallion Oak Ridge Farm  
95     Pilot Discretion (Lifetime Breeding #11) Stallion Jared Fry  
96     Explosive Trix Mare Trixton Lindys Fireworks Bluebird Meadows, Agent   
97     Steppin Out Mare Yankee Glide Quantum Darling Oak Ridge Farm  
98     Sky Is Mine Mare Muscle Hill Raising Roxanne Winterwood Farm, Agent   
99     Gate Speed Mare Rockin Image Sand Pleasure Harvey Fry  
100     Skyla Blu OUT Mare Muscle Hill Sand Violent Blu Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Agent  
101     Sanfrancisco Treat Mare Ponder Sanfrancine Miller Standardbreds  
102     Secret Credit Mare Credit Winner Secret Choice Oak Ridge Farm  
103     Pretty Place Mare Park Place She Has The Look Loamy Acres  
104     Midnight Air OUT Mare Father Patrick She Wore Red In Law Stables, Agent , Agent  
105     Swirlie Hanover Mare Explosive Matter She's A Blizzard Winterwood Farm, Agent   
106     Angel Of The North Mare Muscle Hill Southwind Angel Angel Of the North Partnership  
107     Flash Fire Mare Muscle Hill Spicy Wings Wilt Standardbred  
108     Starglider Mare Yankee Glide Starglow Hall Oak Ridge Farm  
109     Gold Cora OUT Mare Encore Encore Striking Gold K Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Agent  
110     Always Laughing Q Mare A Rock N Roll Dance Teenage Paige Eden Standardbreds  
111     Onyoumarknatava Mare Santanna Blue Chip Teenager Girls Wittmer Standardbreds  
112     Taken Control Mare Control The Moment Transfer Hanover Wittmer Standardbreds  
113     My Lady Lindy Mare Conway Hall True Diva Oak Ridge Farm  
114     Rev Me Up Mare Park Place Turbonium Farriers Acres, Agent   
115     Mystical Power Mare Yankee Glide Tymal Mystique Oak Ridge Farm  
116     Feeling Nauti Mare Pet Rock Wichita Hanover Farriers Acres, Agent   
117     Keystone Harper Mare Yankee Glide Willa Hanover Olen Miller  
118     Wildflower Hanover OUT Mare Western Ideal Witchn Flight Nate Miller  
119     New Hampshire Girl Mare Conway Hall Yankee Kelsie Oak Ridge Farm  
120     Gutsy Hall Mare Cash Hall Anastaia JA Miller Standardbred  
121     Antigua Hanover Mare Somebeachsomewhere Appleonia Art Swiss Boarding Farms  
122     Sports Anchor Mare Sportswriter Belinda Hanover RJ's Standardbreds  
123     Astarisontheway Mare Dontgetinmyway Bikini Star Paul & Cathy Webb  
124     Persuasive Look Mare Powerful Emotion Black N Bluegenes Victory Hill Farm, Agent   
125     Be Winnin Mare Angus Hall Brenda B Winnin Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent   
126     Desert Flower Mare Real Desire Cactus Flower Ernie Hochstetler  
127     Elysian Promise Mare Yankee Glide Chowda In Law Stables, Agent    
128     Antsy Dancey Mare Cantab Hall Dancing On Stage Double R Farm, Agent   
129     Massive Attack A Mare Advance Attack Dancing With Fire Gary L. Miller  
130     De Lioness Mare Dejarmbro Dandelion Dust Pond A Acres  
131     Do Me First Mare Allamerican Ingot Do Me Right Victory Hill Farm, Agent   
132     Fox Valley Click Mare Vaporize Fancy Creek Photo Brookview Farms  
133     Glitter Rocks Mare Rockin Image Glitter N Glitz Victory Hill Farm  
134     Celebrity Nike OUT Mare Yankee Glide Gutsy Lobell Devon Miller  
135     Light Up Jesse Mare Jailhouse Jesse Intothelight Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent   
136     Kathryn Ann Mare Chapter Seven La Tapatia In Law Stables, Agent    
137     Ackbro Ms Perfect Mare Credit Winner Lady Lindy Pond A Acres  
138     Flowers N Dreams Mare RC Royalty Lavendar Fields Wilt Standardbred  
139     Mystical Starlight OUT Mare Credit Winner Miss Lovely Pond A Acres  
140     Real Caviar Mare SJ's Caviar Missy Lavec Wittmer Standardbreds  
141     Stage Review Mare Art Major Observe Me In Law Stables, Agent   
142     Cheap N Easy Mare Cams Card Shark One Eyed Floozie In Law Stables  
143     Persistant Xample Mare Bettor's Delight Persistant Brookview Farms  
144     Steuben Lone Pine Mare Sand Vic Pine For Harvey Fry  
145     Swans Prayer Mare Swan For All Pray With Me Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent   
146     BJ's Sunrise Mare No Nukes Precious Sapphire Pond A Acres  
147     Skyway Priss Mare Cincinnati Kid Priscilla's Jewel Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent