2017 Michiana Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-120
Saturday, November 25

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since September 13, 2017.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Shady Shark's Doll Filly Shadyshark Hanover A And G's Doll Elmer L. Yoder    
2     Twin Maple Powerplay OUT Gelding Power Play Alltheway Alice J Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber  
3     Tinos Badboy Colt Valentino Anais Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
4     She's A Darlin Filly Cisco Hall Beauty's Fastgirl Martz Creek Farm    
5     Martz Stick Gelding Big Stick Lindy Becca's Best Martz Creek Farm    
6     Mr Bluto Gelding Bluto Beldame Hanover Starlit Stables, Agent for JR Stoll Farm    
7     Swanman Gelding Swan For All Belville Triple Lane Stable    
8     Dreaming Big Stakes OUT Colt Big Stick Lindy Better Than Dreams Black Creek Farm  
9     Scwartz Bros Darla Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Big On Luk Amos W. Schwartz    
10     Lady Gorgeous Filly He's Gorgeous Bow Koo Bucks Devon Knepp    
11     Gorgeous Ranay Filly He's Gorgeous Bridges Beauty Martz Creek Farm    
12     Barkley N Bubbles Colt Guccio Bubbles N Caviar Luckiana Farm    
13     Speedinthepark Gelding Cherry Hill Park Cardinal Speedy Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Edwin Schwartz    
14     Dreamers Princess OUT Filly Colies Celebrity Dreamer Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
15     Incredible Power Colt Rockin Image Choo Choo Wayne Miller Farm    
16     Schwartz Bros Star Colt Cisco Hall Crown Queen Amos W. Schwartz    
17     Skyway Deann Filly Tellitlikeitis Daten Time Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
18     Defiant Chip Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Defiant G Swiss Boarding Farms, LLC    
19     GD Stardust Filly Net Ten EOM Delightful Party Yoder Standardbreds    
20     Dojea Rogue Colt Airzoom LIndy Dewey Hope N How Dojea Stables  
21     Dojea Russell Colt Pro North Dipsy Doodle Dojea Stables  
22     Tell It To It Colt Tellitlikeitis Do It To It Merle D. Frey    
23     Always Easy Colt Always A Virgin Dontforgetmybirthdy Top Of The Lane Farm, Victoria Rouch    
24     Political Promises Colt Tellitlikeitis Easy Richess Freedom Hill Farms    
25     Eden's Big Dream Gelding Big Stick Lindy Eloise Eden Slabach Bros. Standardbreds, Agent for David Fry    
26     Gold Chains Colt Big Stick Lindy Figlietta Hanover Black Creek Farm    
27     Bombelicious OUT Filly Major Bombay Final Desire Michele R. Morgan  
28     Relentless Warrior Colt Big Stick Lindy First Lady Two Misty Ridge Stables    
29     Somekindashady Colt Shadyshark Hanover Fox Valley Melody Sunrise Farm    
30     Townline Shady Man Gelding Shadyshark Hanover Fox Valley Nanners Townline Stables    
31     Sage Ivy Filly Aracache Hanover Fox Valley Sarong Ivy Lane Farm    
32     Foxy Trottin Stick Colt Big Stick Lindy Foxy Roxy Nathaniel Yoder    
33     Net Ten Money Colt Net Ten EOM Freezer Money Yoder Standardbreds    
34     Startistic Colt Star Crazed Friendly Kathy Lucas Schmucker  
35     Starlit Andy Gelding Bluto Funny Fashion Starlit Stables    
36     Gabriel Ivy Colt Aracache Hanover Gabby Ho Ivy Lane Farm    
37     Starlit Elmo Gelding Mr Cantab Gerties Pride Starlit Stables    
38     Swan In Town Colt Swan For All Girl Around Town Richard Frey    
39     Go Big Stick Colt Big Stick Lindy Go Go Kathy Ditchy 20 Stable    
40     Purley Golden Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Golden Jenna Daniel L. Graber  
41     Model Number Five Filly Straight Shooting Graceful Model Jacobus Farms    
42     Starlit Sweetheart Filly Bluto Greathearted Starlit Stables    
43     Schwartz Bros Lisa Filly Elegant Man Here Comes Royll Amos W. Schwartz    
44     Airtime Lin Colt Airzoom Lindy Honey Of A Lindy Yoder Standardbreds    
45     Crankitino Colt Valentino Hoopin It Up Rockstar Meadows    
46     Skyway Jubilee OUT Filly Always A Virgin JD's Lady Lynn Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
47     Pilgrims Lucky Jesse Gelding Pilgrims Chuckie Jessie Ann Paul R. Lengacher    
48     United Keys Colt United Ace JJ's Key West Daniel J. Schwartz  
49     Halls Bert Colt Cisco Hall Judy Foster Martz Creek Farm    
50     Julianna's Jet Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Julia Jet Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber    
51     Itisval Filly Tellitlikeitis Justcallmeval Wayne Miller Farm    
52     Kore Bash Filly Encore Encore Kash Bash Luckiana Farm    
53     Osculate Colt Guccio Kinda Kinky Black Creek Farm    
54     Net Some Ladies Colt Net Ten EOM Lady Ann Spur Legacy Acres    
55     Mr Nitro Gelding Bluto Lady Megan John P. Whetstone    
56     Andover's Dream Filly Andover's Son Lady Pentax Starlit Stables, Agent    
57     Sparks N Spite Colt Valentino Life Sparks Legacy Acres    
58     Valendough Filly Valentino Likeable Dough Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Noah Graber    
59     Big Stick Of Love Colt Big Stick Lindy Live In Love Black Creek Farm, Agent for Jess Wittmer    
60     Dojea Rita Filly Tellitlikeitis Maids Last Work Dojea Stables  
61     Fragrant Stick Filly Big Stick Lindy Marigold Magic Black Creek Farm    
62     Miss McDreamer Filly Dr McDreamy Mayoress Hanover Joas Miller    
63     Midnight's Diana OUT Filly Pinetucky Midnight Hooray Lester Knepp    
64     Micah Ivy Colt Aracache Hanover Midnight Tide Ivy Lane Farm    
65     Country Love Filly Shadyshark Hanover Mighty Passion Chapel Ridge Farm    
66     Tellmeheisbrown Colt Tellitlikeitis Molly Brown Wayne Miller Farm    
67     Schwartz Bros Walt Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Mrs Lil Sister Amos W. Schwartz    
68     Dojea Rally Colt Airzoom LIndy Ms Piggy Pine Dojea Stables  
69     Iron Warrior Colt Big Stick Lindy Muscling In Black Creek Farm    
70     Just A Wiggle Filly Net Ten EOM My Last Wiggle Maple Lane Farm    
71     Royal Colt Mr Cantab Myherbal T Hanover Mast Standardbreds    
72     Honor The Maid OUT Filly Encore Encore Mystical Maid Ed Slabach    
73     Beneficial Breeze Filly Senator Hall Nordic Breeze John Bontrager    
74     Swingin Shark Colt Swingin Glory Northern Shark Ditchy 20 Stable    
75     Schwartz Bros Jim Colt Cisco Hall Oaklea Vanilla Amos W. Schwartz    
76     Cantabs Baby Filly Mr Cantab Odds On Champenois In Law Stables    
77     Looking For Wins Gelding Bluto Pass On By Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Edwin Schwartz    
78     Skyway Pinkie Filly Big Stick Lindy Pearl Seelster Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
79     GD Justintime Colt Swan For All Playtowin Haonver Yoder Standardbreds    
80     Hoosier Love Filly Big Stick Lindy Ponda Girl Ditchy 20 Stable    
81     Sunny Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Positively Electric In Law Stables    
82     Primed And Ready Colt Big Stick Lindy Primetime Patsy Black Creek Farm    
83     The Goshen Kid Colt Guccio Princess Luckiana Farm    
84     Pro Guccio Colt Guccio Pro Jo Delux Lloyd Wittmer    
85     TL Jackpot Gelding Hypnotic Blue Chip Puebla Triple Lane Stable    
86     Iam A Little Queen Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Queanbeyan Clifford Slusher    
87     Fast Mike OUT Colt Colies Reach Your Goal Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
88     Playitcool Gelding Power Play Real Cool Lady Maple Lane Farm    
89     Mynameisemley Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Rhine River Clifford Slusher    
90     Rushing Reba Filly Net Ten EOM Rockamamie Luckiana Farm    
91     Townline Shady Boy Gelding Shadyshark Hanover Rosa Bella Townline Stables    
92     A Perfect Time Gelding Bluto Rose Run Image Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber Jr.    
93     Cleo's Magic Filly Tellitlikeitis Ruby Delight Freedom Hill Farms    
94     Woodside Curtis Colt Guccio Sea Urchin Hanover Woodside Farm    
95     Dojea R Colt Tellitlikeitis Sha Daisy Sunset Dojea Stables  
96     Woodside Candice Filly Rockin Image Shared Account Woodside Farm & Jason Schwartz    
97     Starlit Tuffy Filly Mr Cantab She's A Tuuffy Starlit Stables    
98     Sheez My MVP Filly My MVP Sheza Jessie Charles Berry  
99     Sticky Colt Big Stick Lindy So Sexy Misty Ridge Stables, Agent for Phil Rietveld    
100     Golden Frontline Gelding Mr Cantab Sweet Ermine Starlit Stables, Agent for Golden Acres  
101     Tag's Mary Filly Power Play Tag's Blue Black Creek Farm    
102     Whata Swan Colt Swan For All Tanya's Legacy In Law Stables    
103     Toy's For You Colt Airzoom LIndy Tarport Lauren Luckiana Farm    
104     Magical Art Colt United Ace Theladylovesart Stanley Miller  
105     Big Chuck Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Thomson Hall Lloyd Wittmer    
106     Sunburst Niterythm Filly Big Stick Lindy Tijuana Rhythm Sunburst Meadows    
107     GD Ricky T Sugar OUT Filly Swan For All Triple T Sugar Yoder Standardbreds    
108     Swan Starlet Filly Swan For All Twin B Angel Merle D. Frey    
109     Guccio ATM OUT Colt Guccio Unaperitif Lloyd Wittmer    
110     Nets Of Passion Colt Net Ten EOM Unspoken Passion Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin Graber    
111     Halls Buddy Colt Cisco Hall Way To Rendevous Martz Creek Farm    
112     Rock My Judy Filly Airzoom LIndy West Point Judy Allan L. Yutzy    
113     Western Dee Sheri Filly Valentino Western D Gold Red Gold Acres  
114     Skyway Warrior Colt Rockin Image Who Needs A Prince Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
115     Eliza Mae Filly Ponder Wimple Hanover Freedom Hill Farms    
116     Rock N Libby Filly Brother Lost Soul Windy City Brandie Stanley Miller  
117     Swanderful Bistdu Filly Swan For All Yadubist Bluegrass In Law Stables    
118     Silver Fribble Filly Swan For All Yankee Frilly Silver Star Stable    
119     I'm So Sweet Colt Valentino Yosemite Hanover Legacy Acres    
120     Townline Sassy Filly Aracache Hanover Youcanifuwant Townline Stables    
121     Big Northern Colt Big Stick Lindy Northern Ladyluck Ditchy 20 Stable