2018 Michiana Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-224
Saturday, November 24 - 9:30 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since September 16, 2018.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Demosthenes Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Hardicrombie Schwartz Boarding Farm    
2     Fridaynight Feeling Colt Riggins Hawaiian Connection Chapel Ridge Farm    
3     Call Me Pine Filly Pinetucky Her Name Is Black Creek Farm    
4     Life Is A Highway Colt Always A Virgin Hey Soul Sister Homestead Acres, Agent for Ernie Hochstetler    
5     Hill Top Shootaway Filly Straight Shooting Hold Your Diamond Hilltop Farm    
6     DC Hot Rod Jesse Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Holy Rood Oakwood Farms, Agent for Boggs Creek Stable    
7     Starlit Why Fear OUT Gelding Whom Shall I Fear Honeyinthepine Starlit Stables  
8     Photo Finish Gelding Tellitlikeitis Hurricane Tinia RND Standardbreds, Agent    
9     Golden Impulse Filly Bluto Ideal Secret Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Miller    
10     Never Time Gelding Bluto It's My Time Starlit Stables, Agent for Terry Wagler  
11     Luce Stellare Filly Guccio J Rs Star Black Creek Farm    
12     Glittersreaks Filly Swan For All Jesses Nice Girl Homestead Acres    
13     Imsolucky Filly Pine Credit Jessie E Clifford Slusher    
14     Jessupcreditwinner Gelding Pine Credit Jessup Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent    
15     Key West Misty Filly United Ace JJ's Key West Daniel J Schwartz  
16     DC Anna Filly Guccio JM Annie Oakwood Farms, Agent for Boggs Creek Stable    
17     PM Acres Broadway Colt Guccio JN Sydney Marlin E. Eash    
18     PM Acres Beachbabe Filly Bring On The Beach Jo Jo Camluck Marlin E. Eash    
19     Quaker's Credit Gelding Pine Credit Julia Jet Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber  
20     Captured Champion Filly Guccio Just One Amigo Equine Acres    
21     Monkeybread OUT Filly Guccio Katye's On The Go Pond A Acres  
22     Justa Nother Bag Gelding Pine Credit Kay Express David W. Nissley, Agent    
23     Rollor Babe Filly Time To Roll KG Chuckles Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Mark Lengacher    
24     Skyway Kryptonite Gelding Guccio Kukla Hanover Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
25     Cathedra Beach Filly Time To Roll La Playa Brava Silver Stone Farm  
26     Lala Cantab Filly Mr Cantab LaBrea Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
27     The Daily Deal OUT Colt Guccio Ladyfinger Black Creek Farm  
28     Manhattan Muscles Filly Cherry Hill Park Ladyhattan Oakwood Farms, Agent for Kris Wagler    
29     Lake Hound Colt Riggins Lake Champagne Silver Stone Farm, Agent for John Lengacher  
30     Bluebird LadyLuck Filly Whom Shall I Fear Lauries Lucky Lady Bluebird Meadows    
31     Sunburst Ivory Colt Swan For All Leah's Ex Sunburst Meadows  
32     DC Fire N Ice Gelding Guccio Legacy's Delight Oakwood Farms, Agent for Boggs Creek Stable    
33     Test Concluded Gelding Senator Hall Leigh Ann John Bontrager  
34     Incredible Talker Colt Tellitlikeitis Lets Talk About Me Marilyn Oosting    
35     Gliding Swan Filly Swan For All Libbys Glider Daniel L Graber    
36     Afraid So Gelding Whom Shall I Fear Likaty Aron Bontrager    
37     Like A Tino OUT Filly Valentino Likeable Dough Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Noah Graber    
38     Missy Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Lindy's Fireball Fair Meadow Farm  
39     That's A Long Haul Filly Pine Credit LMS Super Gal Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Menno Schwartz    
40     Mystical Wolf OUT Colt Jeremes Jet Long Island Icetea Schwartz Boarding Farm  
41     Let's Do It Again Colt Guccio Long Lane Black Creek Farm, Agent for Conquest Acres LP    
42     Lucky Hero Colt Mr Cantab Lucky Rosetta Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Willis R. Raber    
43     Don't Be Stupid Filly Bluto LW Galie Rachel Chapel Ridge Farm    
44     Magic Included Class Included Magical Lass Hidden Acres Stable    
45     Marigold Ivy Filly Real Desire Major Surprise Ivy Lane Farm    
46     Skyway Mason Colt Guccio Maui Blue Chip Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
47     Silver Star Malone Colt Jailhouse Jesse McGuffey Lane Silver Star Stable    
48     IM Fearless Gelding Major Bombay Meadowbrook Linda Chapel Ridge Farm    
49     J L Nice Message Filly Major Bombay Metro Keepsake Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for JL Farms  
50     Hill Top Chip Chip Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Mias Star Hilltop Farm    
51     Unhinged Liberal Colt Real Desire Michelle Lee Schwartz Boarding Farm, Agent  
52     Mimi's Time Ivy Gelding Time To Roll Midnight Tide Ivy Lane Farm    
53     Onemoreswan Colt Swan For All Miss Accomack Hidden Acres Stable    
54     Justice League Colt Guccio Miss Invincible Black Creek Farm    
55     Ideal Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Miss Sand Shooter Black Creek Farm, Agent for Conquest Acres LP    
56     Wenallelsefails Filly Net Ten EOM Miss Wells Shady Lane Meadows    
57     Nofearofmoni Filly Whom Shall I Fear Money For Shari Hidden Acres Stable    
58     Rock It Out Filly Rockin Image Musette Mindale Cornerstone Stock Farm, LLC    
59     Bluebird Luigi Colt Guccio My Sweet Shiela Bluebird Meadows    
60     Sunburst Niteswan OUT Colt Swan For All My Taylors Ham Sunburst Meadows  
61     Rockin Geno Gelding Rockin Image My Yiddisha Mama West Edge Acres    
62     Mystical Empress Filly Panther Hanover Mystical Boleyn Hidden Valley Farms    
63     Light Of Grabill Colt Conway Court Name In Lights Silver Stone Farm, Agent for John Lengacher  
64     LA Nancio Filly Guccio Nancy Crater Topville Acres, Agent    
65     No Other Way Filly Power Play Nan's Prayer Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Menno Schwartz    
66     Skyway Nitelife Filly Guccio NF Flyway Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
67     Northern Hills Filly Cherry Hill Park Northern Goddess Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Willis R. Raber    
68     Like A Hall Colt Big Stick Lindy Northern Ladyluck Ditchy 20 Stable  
69     Beach Passage Filly Bring On The Beach Northwest Passage Mervin Hilty    
70     Hill Top Jail Colt Jailhouse Jesse Garbo Blue Chip Hilltop Farm    
71     Friendly Confines Colt Guccio Off The Wall Black Creek Farm    
72     Onwithit Gelding Always A Virgin On A Date Aron Bontrager    
73     Gracie's Way Filly Whom Shall I Fear One Way Or Another Woodside Farm, Agent for Matt Troyer    
74     Kristyslitteangle Filly Pine Credit Outback Kristy Clifford Slusher    
75     PM Acres Brigade Filly Class Included P L Hottotrot Mast Standardbreds, Agent    
76     Iammisterblack Colt Pine Credit Pass The Popcorn Clifford Slusher    
77     Metaxas Filly Straight Shooting Passing Lane Penny Kenneth L. Chupp & Tripoli Stable    
78     Passion Rose OUT Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Passion Princess Lloyd Wittmer  
79     Skyway Pete Colt Class Included Pearl Seelster Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
80     Colorful Wind Break Filly Mr Cantab Perfect In Color Hidden Valley Farms    
81     Lil Precious Filly Valentino Platonic Chapel Ridge Farm    
82     Playfull Elegance Filly Elegant Man Playoff Volo Ditchy 20 Stable  
83     California Country OUT Colt Elegant Man Ponda Girl Ditchy 20 Stable  
84     On Positive Time Colt Time To Roll Positivly Electric In Law Stables    
85     GD Potliker Filly Tellitlikeitis Pot Limit Yoder Standardbreds    
86     Iconic Dragon Colt Quality Western Princess Dragon Single G Stables    
87     Italian Nobility Colt Big Stick Lindy Queen Of Queens Black Creek Farm    
88     Rockinten Colt Net Ten EOM RD Rock N Roll Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin E Graber    
89     Skyway Rizzo Colt Guccio Redeposit Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
90     FM Swanderful Filly Swan For All Revered Floyd J. Miller    
91     Topville Rustler Colt Always A Virgin Rock Me Mama Topville Acres    
92     Frontier Litigator OUT Colt Tellitlikeitis Roc's Big Girl Newfound Stables, Agent    
93     Starlit Sundown Filly Cherry Hill Park Rompaway Emiracle Starlit Stables    
94     Townline Flight Gelding Panspacificflight Rosa Bella Townline Stables    
95     Ringaroundrosie R Filly Real Desire Rose Parade Fair Meadow Farm  
96     Clever Character Colt Tellitlikeitis Ruby Delight Freedom Hill Farms    
97     Rockin In The Sand Filly Rockin Image Sand Summer Victory Hill Farm    
98     Betterthenmoney Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Sangria Maria Martz Creek Farm, Agent for Willie R Schwartz    
99     Meadowbrook Katie Filly Time To Roll See Life Meadowbrook Farm    
100     Guccio's Place Filly Guccio See You At Office Victory Hill Farm    
101     Dreaming Image Filly Rockin Image Shared Account Homestead Acres    
102     Major Ten Gelding Net Ten EOM She's A Screamer Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Nathan Eicher    
103     Willy Stampede Colt Mr Cantab She's A Tuffy Hidden Valley Farms    
104     Orphys Net Gelding Net Ten EOM Shooters Orphan Mervin Hilty    
105     Blameitonmyroots Filly Major Bombay Shot Down Chapel Ridge Farm    
106     ADM Nation Colt Fred And Ginger Siera Nation Dillon Moody    
107     Swanamakesumoney Colt Swan For All Singita Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Miller    
108     Andover The Stars Filly Andover's Son Sleep Talkin Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Willis R. Raber    
109     Guccio Lora OUT Filly Guccio Sloane Elise Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Doug Riccolo  
110     Hill Toprollaway Filly Time To Roll Bet Your Bippy Hilltop Farm    
111     Squadron Leader Filly Guccio Special Kay S Black Creek Farm    
112     Front Row Seat Gelding Time To Roll Spontaneous Dreams Chapel Ridge Farm    
113     Carrie Rae Filly Riggins Stop Traffic Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Lengacher    
114     Jailbait Express Filly Jailhouse Jesse Stormont Hotplate Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
115     Street Parade Filly Rockin Image Street Dancer Freedom Hill Farms    
116     Guccio Has Stretch Colt Guccio Stretch The Limit Dusty Rosa Farm    
117     Racin Cream Pie Filly Whom Shall I Fear Tanya's Legacy In Law Stables    
118     JoJo's Art OUT Filly United Ace The Lady Lovesart Stanley W Miller  
119     Kalamata Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip The Last Angel Schwartz Boarding Farm    
120     Sparklinlikeitis Filly Tellitlikeitis Three Sparkles RND Standardbreds    
121     Power Daughter Filly Power Play Trophy Daughter Bill Miller    
122     Truly Blue Ivy Filly Sand Shooter True To Blue Ivy Lane Farm    
123     Meadowbrook Nitro Colt Swan For All Truffles Meadowbrook Farm    
124     Bella Visa Filly Always A Virgin Tu Sei Bella Lloyd Wittmer    
125     Jesmach Tarah OUT Filly Rockin Image Twin Oaks Tess Harvey Fry  
126     Lil' Jess Colt Jailhouse Jesse Two Smart Misty Ridge Stables, LLC    
127     PM Acres Bliss OUT Filly Guccio Tymal Textme Marlin E. Eash    
128     A Major Dream Gelding Major Bombay UF Terri's Dream Chapel Ridge Farm    
129     Ultimate Net Filly Net Ten EOM Ultimatum Legacy Acres    
130     Rapp'n At The Races Gelding Bluto Uncommon Muscles Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
131     Swans Mission OUT Filly Swan For All Favorite Mission Hidden Acres Stable    
132     Passions Time Gelding Time To Roll Unspoken Passion Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin E Graber    
133     Rigginsrockstar Filly Riggins Upfront Heidi Hoho Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Jason Graber    
134     Shesacowgirlsdream Filly Guccio Vallas Cowgirl Black Creek Farm, Agent for Martin Wickey    
135     Skyway Venus Filly Time To Roll Vegas Date Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
136     Itís a Virgin Colt Always A Virgin Vicki On The Beach Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Michael Schmucker    
137     Andy Over Colt Andover's Son Victory Love Lloyd Wittmer    
138     Baby Park OUT Filly Cherry Hill Park Village Babe Norm Raber    
139     Starlit Tall Tab Gelding Mr Cantab Warrawee Honey Starlit Stables    
140     Cross Cut Queen Filly Major Bombay Wattaqueen Chapel Ridge Farm    
141     West Point Jester Colt Jailhouse Jesse West Point Judy Allan Yutzy  
142     Willitbewillie Colt Guccio Wham Hanover Luckiana Farm    
143     CJ Tellmeurdreams Filly Tellitlikeitis With A Dream Dillon Moody    
144     Ole Breezy Filly Guccio World Premiere Four Corner Stables    
145     EL's Doll Filly Panther Hanover A And G's Doll Elmer L Yoder    
146     Fearless Lady OUT Filly Whom Shall I Fear A Starlet Born Oakwood Farms    
147     Anastasia Ivy Filly Real Desire Aislin Hanover Ivy Lane Farm    
148     Skyway Ambition Filly Always A Virgin All Over You Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
149     Skyway Artimus OUT Filly Net Ten EOM Allamerican Mobile Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
150     Northern Breeze Filly Bluto American Breeze Freeman Miller    
151     Shivaget OUT Filly Jailhouse Jesse Ameronica Aron Bontrager    
152     PM Acres Bullet Colt Whom Shall I Fear Amyarra Marlin E. Eash    
153     Andes Blue Shark Colt Bluto Andrea Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
154     Hickory Husker Colt Swan For All Anna Nicole Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
155     Vitina Filly Panther Hanover Argolis Kenneth L. Chupp & Tripoli Stable    
156     Nets Big Ten Colt Net Ten EOM Averylu Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin E Graber    
157     Collettes Filly Guccio Barmaid Mast Standardbreds    
158     Whom Shall I Love Filly Whom Shall I Fear Bars Dutchess RND Standardbreds, Agent    
159     Mr Wild Man Colt Banderas Hall Beautys Fastgirl Martz Creek Farm    
160     Real Sugar Filly Guccio Bernice G Hanover In Law Stables    
161     Tuff Desire Colt Real Desire So Tuffian Hilltop Farm    
162     Jasper Dream Colt Big Stick Lindy Better Than Dreams Black Creek Farm, Agent for Ben Wittmer    
163     Keepsakes Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Betty's Keepsak Mervin Hilty    
164     Hiddenacres Lady Filly Riggins Blues Traveler Meadowbrook Farm, Agent for Harley Lehman    
165     Socrates Colt Panther Hanover Brisk Risk Kenneth L. Chupp & Tripoli Stable    
166     Blazenspeed Colt Whom Shall I Fear Bubbles N Caviar Luckiana Farm    
167     Sheila's Bad Girl Filly Valentino C Shelia V Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin E Graber    
168     No Lookin Back Filly Jailhouse Jesse Call Me Ching RND Standardbreds    
169     LA Tomcat Gelding Time To Roll Cams Chesire Cat Topville Acres, Agent    
170     Yummy Candy Filly Net Ten EOM Candy's A Queen Chapel Ridge Farm    
171     Caper Dejay Colt Dejarmbro Caper Caillie Four Corner Stables    
172     Trotting Swanman Gelding Swan For All Capryz Kelvin Black Creek Farm, Agent    
173     Jailhouse Serena OUT Filly Jailhouse Jesse Cardinal Speedy Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
174     Starlit Swan For Me Filly Swan For All Carmenere Starlit Stables    
175     Six Mile Chuckie Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Caspian Sea Richard Riehl    
176     Silver Star Corona OUT Colt Big Stick Lindy Centerfold Lady Silver Star Stable    
177     Tinos Prince Gelding Valentino Chant A Nuka Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin E Graber    
178     Austim For All Colt Swan For All Charmbo Grace In Law Stables    
179     Skyway Caliber Gelding Guccio Christy Rae Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
180     Fear The Star Filly Whom Shall I Fear Cincinnati Star David W. Nissley  
181     Trotstar Gelding Whom Shall I Fear CJ's Susie Aron Bontrager    
182     Gimme Dat Look Filly Bluto Clair Hall Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
183     Classy Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Classy Lady Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Willis R. Raber    
184     Captain Bennett Colt Riggins Columbia My Queen JAK Standardbred Farm, Jeri Kieninger    
185     Silverstars Jazz Filly Always A Virgin Cool Jazz Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
186     FM Mary K Filly Panther Hanover Co-op Hanover Floyd J. Miller    
187     Chuckie Queen Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Credit Queen Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Jesse Wittmer    
188     Jailhouse Ruby Filly Jailhouse Jesse Crown Royal David V Miller  
190     Skyway Destiny Filly Time To Roll Dance Dune Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
191     Star Kya Filly Bluto Danish Doll Abraham Miller    
192     Skyway Deputy Colt Sand Shooter Daten Time Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
193     Timetorollthedice Colt Time To Roll Defiant G Swiss Boarding Farms  
194     Jesmach Dynamic OUT Filly Rockin Image Delirium Harvey Fry  
195     Devilish Descent Filly Jailhouse Jesse Devilish Lane Schwartz Boarding Farm    
196     Miracle Of Art Filly Riggins Diva Du Jour Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Nathan Eicher    
197     Flavio OUT Colt Guccio Domina Black Creek Farm  
198     Straighttothetop Gelding Riggins Dreamlikeme Ivy Chapel Ridge Farm    
199     Social Experiment OUT Colt Guccio E Claire Black Creek Farm  
200     EQ's Spitfire Filly Always A Virgin E Q Three David W. Nissley  
201     Edens Blue Angel OUT Filly Whom Shall I Fear Edens Cover Girl Starlit Stables, Agent    
202     Trust And Obey Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Edith Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Menno Schwartz    
203     Fear This Filly Whom Shall I Fear Enlighten Me Bill Miller    
204     Martz Pine Colt Pine Credit Fannies Biggal Two Martz Creek Farm    
205     Jammin Net Ten Filly Net Ten EOM Unique Rock N Roll Hidden Acres Stable    
206     Skyway Fury Colt Swan For All First Avenue Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
207     Two Tabs Colt Mr Cantab First Lady Two Misty Ridge Stables, LLC    
208     Touch Of A Rose Filly Jailhouse Jesse Flowermania Schwartz Boarding Farm    
209     Townline Adios Filly Panspacificflight Fox Valley Adios Townline Stables    
210     My Sharona Filly Real Desire Fox Valley Ivy Homestead Acres, Agent for Diana L Wilson    
211     Sawyer Ivy Gelding Aracache Hanover Fox Valley Sarong Ivy Lane Farm    
212     Moneylikeitis Colt Tellitlikeitis Freezer Money Hidden Acres Stable    
213     EL's Flyer Gelding Always A Virgin Frequent Flyer Elmer L Yoder    
214     R Fromoutacherry Colt Cherry Hill Park Fromoutagrace Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent    
215     Gabriella Ivy Filly Aracache Hanover Gabby Ho Ivy Lane Farm    
216     Hill Top Betty Filly He's Gorgeous Nut'nbuttailights Hilltop Farm    
217     Starlit Cherry Gelding Cherry Hill Park Gertie's Pride Starlit Stables    
218     Middleofamemory Filly Riggins Gin Rickey Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
219     Chuckinginger Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Ginger Girl Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
220     Swan Allover Gelding Swan For All Girl Around Town RND Standardbreds    
221     Woodside Diva Filly Guccio Glorydays Hanover Woodside Farm    
222     The Natural Boy Colt Guccio Glowing Muscles Black Creek Farm    
223     Fancy Riggin Filly Riggins Golden Jenna Daniel L Graber  
224     Kazans Power Gelding Cherry Hill Park Graceful Pine Starlit Stables, Agent for JR Stoll