2021 Michiana Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-113
Tuesday, November 23 - 10:00 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since September 21, 2021.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Ms Chapter Nineteen Filly Helpisontheway Caledonia Sea Elmer D. Miller    
2     Boat Parade Filly Class Included Call Or Click Now Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
3     Check The Debt OUT Colt Check Six Cape Marj Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
4     Cash In The Bank Filly Dover Dan Cashcow Volo Nissley Farm, Agent for Jerry Yoder    
5     Lady Larisa Filly You Know You Do Caviar Call Girl Homestead Acres, Agent    
6     Libby's Cool Cat Filly Musclesprinctonian Celebrity Dreamer Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
7     Charming Who Filly Whom Shall I Fear Charmbro Grace In Law Stable    
8     Cinderlane Marko Colt Crescent Fashion Cinder Madalyn Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Thomas E. Gerdeman    
9     Payday Filly Honor And Serve Cindy's Prayer Golden Acres  
10     Cool Cat Max Colt Check Six Cool To Be Irish Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
11     Disco Apocalypse Colt Class Included Daisey Jane Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
12     Another Cam Filly Panther Hanover Definitely Cam Ira Borntreger  
13     Worth The Pain Filly Stevensville Diana's Cancan JNM Farms  
14     Brookview Daniele Filly Whom Shall I Fear Disbelief Brookview Farm, Agent    
15     Major Dynamite Colt Major Athens Dynamic Lavec Dr. Kathleen McBurney    
16     EQ's Real Charm Filly Real Desire E Q Three Nissley Farms    
17     Ever So Lovely Filly Helpisontheway Energy Bar Luckiana Farm    
18     Brookview Dianna Filly Whom Shall I Fear Exuberance Hanover Brookview Farm, Agent    
19     PA Luck OUT Filly Luck Be Withyou Farewell Streams Mahantongo Farms LLC    
20     Feel No Pressure OUT Filly Trixton Feel The Pressure Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
21     Cookie Do Colt You Know You Do Fortunate Cookie Homestead Acres, Agent for Atlee Chupp    
22     Technical Z Tam OUT Colt Beckhams Z Tam Fresh Squeeze In Law Stable, Agent  
23     JK's Missy Filly JK Endofanera Gerrie's Madison Luckiana Farm    
24     Jeans Gertie Filly Swan In A Million Gertie Jean Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Jon Gerig    
25     Major Pine Colt Major Athens Graceful Pine Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for JR Stoll    
26     Here Comes Dover Colt Dover Dan Grandma Jan's Gems Premier Acres, Agent for Enos Schrock    
27     Tellitlikeagypsy Filly Tellitlikeitis Gypsy Bellevue In Law Stable, Agent for Alpine Stables    
28     I Can Have Mecry Filly I Can Only Imagine Have Mercy On Me Eicher Farms  
29     Lucky Soul Colt Luck Be Withyou Hey Soul Sister Larry Hochstetler    
30     Ava Jane Filly Rockin Image Hoosier Vacation Alvin E. Walther    
31     Hot Swan Colt Swan In A Million Hot Cha Cha In Law Stable, Agent    
32     Help Rocket Cash In Colt Helpisontheway How Bout Cash Mighty Fine Farms & Harold D. Back    
33     Chip Of The Hill Colt What the Hill Hurrikane Emery Elmer D. Miller    
34     Milliondollaswan Colt Swan In A Million Hurrikane Queen Dr. Kathleen McBurney    
35     A Sliver Of Fashion Colt Crescent Fashion Ideal Tsunami Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Jacob Wittmer    
36     Fastlane Erial Filly JK Endofanera In Deo We Trust Fast Lane Stables    
37     Miss Isabella Filly Swan For All Isabella Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Alva Graber    
38     Rock Star Pro Colt Night Pro J S Little Rockstar Daniel D. Girod    
39     Proveninnocent Filly Swan In A Million Jesse's St Val Shady Lane Meadows    
40     Jones Z Tam Colt Beckhams Z Tam Julia's Z Tam In Law Stable, Agent    
41     Mighty Fine Swan Colt Swan In A Million Julie's Cora Harold D. Back    
42     Lastminutedecision Gelding Tellitlikeitis K J Hannah Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Edwin Schwartz    
43     Katye's Gem Filly Swan In A Million Katye's On The Go Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Alva Graber    
44     Brookview Darling Filly Tellitlikeitis Kendyl Brookview Farm, Agent    
45     Stateline Bella Filly JK Endofanera Keystone Shoreline Premier Acres, Agent for Stateline Standardbred    
46     Preston Your Luck Colt Luck Be Withyou Lady Cambest Alvin E. Walther    
47     Tough To Handle Filly Tellitlikeitis Lady Jet Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
48     Live Your Life Filly Luck Be Withyou Lady Juno Luckiana Farm    
49     Ellianna R OUT Filly Swan In A Million Let Er Rumble Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
50     Lupa Colt Rockin Image Lindwood Rosa Integrity Stables    
51     Fastlane Onaroll Filly Always A Virgin Love To Roll Fast Lane Stables    
52     One Hour Worth Colt Class Included Luna Pier Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
53     Miccheck Colt Check Six Major's Sweetheart Luckiana Farm    
54     Sharingthecost Filly Tellitlikeitis Miss Wells Shady Lane Meadows    
55     Fivestar Photo Filly You Know You Do Missy Hall In Law Stable, Agent    
56     I Know I Do Filly You Know You Do Money For Shari Hidden Acres Stable    
57     Midnight Shine Gelding Helpisontheway Moon In My Shine Shady Lane Meadows    
58     Rockin Mae Filly Rockin Image Mountain Music Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
59     BB's Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Move On BB Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
60     PA Punch OUT Colt Whom Shall I Fear Muscle Lass Mahantongo Farms LLC    
61     Pet Detective Filly JK Endofanera Myrichmothernlaw In Law Stable    
62     Bia's Melody Filly Swan In A Million Naked Lyric Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
63     No Major Interest Colt Major Athens No Interest No Penalty Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Amos Lapp  
64     Angelika Rae Filly Rockin Image Northern Beauty G V Stables    
65     Now Wish Me Luck Filly Crescent Fashion Nowerland Firebird Luckiana Farm    
66     Oh Help Me Baby Filly Helpisontheway One Cool Swan Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Jacob Wittmer    
67     Massive Jackpot Filly Muscle Massive One Way To Win Bennett Farms Inc.    
68     JK's Lucky Lou Filly JK Endofanera Patsy's Luck David Yoder & Daryl Lehman    
69     Artistic Cat Filly Tellitlikeitis Precious Gracie Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
70     Doolan Z Tam OUT Colt Beckhams Z Tam Race Me Dreamer In Law Stable, Agent  
71     Omega Princess Filly Musclesprinctonian Reach Your Goal Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
72     Chipsstarlit Lady Filly Muscle Massive Rompaway Kendall Lloyd Wittmer    
73     Rockin Corona Colt Rockin Image Rosagatha Premier Acres, Agent for Justin Yoder    
74     Some Big Dream Filly JK Endofanera Sally N Sand Luckiana Farm    
75     JK's Henry OUT Colt JK Endofanera Sandy's Goldenhour In Law Stable, Agent  
76     Six Treats Filly Check Six Sanfrancisco Treat Freeman Miller    
77     Totallyshocked Colt Tellitlikeitis Shakin The Dragon Shady Lane Meadows    
78     Helpfirstedition Colt Helpisontheway She Knows Swagger Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Martin Wickey    
79     Shell Factor Filly Always A Virgin She Outranks You In Law Stable    
80     Night Speed OUT Filly Helpisontheway Singita Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
81     Servingmytime Colt Honor And Serve Southern Holiday Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for JR Stoll    
82     Tabasco Cat Colt Tellitlikeitis Southwind Mocha Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
83     Flying Ace Colt United Ace Special Rose Miller Standardbreds  
84     Cinder Rig Gelding Riggins Spicy Cindy Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Elmer Lapp    
85     Brookview Dynamite OUT Gelding You Know You Do Squeals Of Delight Brookview Farms    
86     Helps ATM OUT Colt Helpisontheway Starglow Hall Lloyd Wittmer  
87     Uknowudon't Filly You Know You Do Steuben Lone Pine Straight A Stable    
88     Claycrest Fearless Filly Whom Shall I Fear Stonebridge Sonata In Law Stable, Agent    
89     Golden Girl Z Tam Filly Beckhams Z Tam Stormy's Z Tam In Law Stable, Agent    
90     Warp Speed Ahead Filly Tellitlikeitis Toss The Ball Verlyn Weaver Jr  
91     Secret Cherie Filly Swan In A Million Warrawee Nuke Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
92     Betsy R OUT Filly Swan In A Million White Heart Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
93     Wallwind Song Filly Waldorf Hall Windsong Erica Glen Borntreger  
94     Major's Winky Filly Major Athens Winky's Cassina Lloyd Wittmer    
95     Crowns Fashion Colt Crescent Fashion Yo Quierro Miller Standardbreds  
96     Pulsar Image Colt Check Six Alabama Shakey Orla Jay Bontrager    
97     Fast Furious Freddy Colt Tellitlikeitis American Ginger David Yoder & Daryl Lehman    
98     Actual Cash Colt Luck Be Withyou Art In The Sand Integrity Stables    
99     Avery's Dream Filly Rockin Image Averylu Premier Acres, Agent    
100     Dans Queen Filly Dover Dan B Fluff This Rosebud Bloodstock    
101     Bad Image Filly Rockin Image Bad Lightning Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
102     Smoke Wolf Colt Rockin Image Bananih Rosebud Bloodstock    
103     Sweet Fancy Filly Muscle Massive Barmaid Blues Homestead Acres, Agent for Atlee Chupp    
104     Trotting Marky Gelding You Know You Do Bars Dutchess Brookview Farm, Agent for Joe Helmuth    
105     Faith N Muscles Filly Muscle Massive Believe In Faith In Law Stable    
106     Glawbanera Colt JK Endofanera Believeincarrie Galen Yoder    
107     Rigthemusicalbells Gelding Riggins Bella Musica Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Elmer Lapp    
108     Swannabawinner Filly Swan In A Million Bien Volo Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for JR Stoll    
109     A Million Maid OUT Filly Swan In A Million Biggirlurbeautiful Chapel Ridge Farm  
110     Luck N Magic OUT Colt Luck Be Withyou Black Magic Eyes John & Virginia Snodgrass  
111     Blue Velvet Filly Beckhams Z Tam Blue Hour In Law Stable, Agent    
112     Asymptomatic OUT Filly Tellitlikeitis Bobarhetta Rhys Helt & Danielle Merkel  
113     Broadcaster Colt Always A Virgin Buckle Bunni Integrity Stables