2020 Michiana Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-180
Wednesday, November 25 - 12:00 p.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since September 14, 2020.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Dan's Miss Molly OUT Filly Dover Dan Valla's Cowgirl Black Creek Farm, Agent  
2     Valley Swan OUT Colt Swan For All Voluptuous Ronda Luckiana Farm  
3     Warrawee Bookinit Colt Crescent Fashion Warrawee Nuke Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
4     Queen Of Luck Filly Luck Be Withyou Wattaqueen Chapel Ridge Farm    
5     Townline Winner Colt Luck Be Withyou Win From Within Townline Stables, Elmer L Yoder    
6     Riggins Revenge Colt Riggins Winbak Ella Shady Lane Meadows    
7     Dover Glory Filly Dover Dan Windsong's Legacy In Law Stables    
8     World's Fashion Colt Crescent Fashion World Premiere Black Creek Farm, Agent    
9     Trickery Filly Mr Cantab Writtenonthewind K.E.M. Standardbreds    
10     Coastal Breezes Filly Always A Virgin Zahara Seelster In Law Stables, Agent    
11     Mr Massive OUT Colt Muscle Massive Zuppa Inglese Rockstar Meadows  
12     Sierra Sundance Filly Luck Be Withyou Ahlbback Yankee In Law Stables    
13     Walkin Papers Colt JK Endofanera Amber Dancer Shady Lane Meadows    
14     American Fashion Filly Crescent Fashion American Breeze Freeman Miller    
15     Ms Muscle Queen Filly Muscle Massive Ameronica Aron Bontrager    
16     Ultra Image Colt Rockin Image Angel From Above David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
17     Brush Of Wings Filly Muscle Massive Aucune Hanover David Wayne Yoder & Daryl Lehman    
18     Luckbewithalex Colt Luck Be Withyou Ave Ulrica Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
19     Dollaronthehill Colt Text Me Barmaid Blues Meadowbrook Farm, Agent for Atlee Chupp    
20     Jusmakinyalook Filly Pinetucky Beldame Hanover JR Stoll Farm    
21     Magical Muscles Colt Muscle Massive Bernice G Hanover Freeman Miller    
22     Miss Pacman Filly JK Endofanera Bettor Kiss Candy Woodside Farm, Agent for Devon Schrock    
23     Rated R Filly Rockin Image Bijou Theater In Law Stables    
24     Skyway Brook Filly JK Endofanera Bikini Beach Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
25     Chrome Prince Colt Musclini Bit Of Chrome Mervin S. Mast  
26     Barry Blazer Colt Always A Virgin Blazing Blaire Integrity Stables    
27     Swan's Lady Filly Swan For All Blue Ridge Abigail Black Creek Farm, Agent    
28     Tiny Tizzy Filly Always A Virgin Bluebird Tizzy Double M Farm    
29     Crescents Fire Colt Crescent Fashion Breath Of Fire Brookview Farms    
30     Bumble B Stinger Colt Pinetucky Bumblebzannie Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent  
31     Luv Lorelei Filly Muscle Massive Busybeingdreamy Troyer Stables    
32     Mr Frapp Page Colt Mr Web Page Caramel Dale Wittmer    
33     Swans Cash Prise Filly Swan For All Cashcow Volo Nissley Farms    
34     Double A Soprano Filly Dover Dan Casual Chick Double A Acres    
35     Cats Image Filly Rockin Image Cat Race Integrity Stables    
36     Runaway Floyd Colt Real Desire Caviart Cara Yoder Standardbreds    
37     First In Class Colt Class Included Celebrity Dreamer Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
38     Swanderful Charm Filly Swan For All Charmbro Garce In Law Stables    
39     All Star Swan Filly Swan For All Cincinnati Star Nissley Farms    
40     Dovernout Gelding Dover Dan CJ's Susie Aron Bontrager    
41     Classy Fashion Colt Crescent Fashion Classy Lady Raberville Farms    
42     Gotta Be Cool Filly Ponder Cool And Clouty Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
43     JN Cool Defense Filly Tellitlikeitis Cool Jazz Nate Miller & Justin Yoder    
44     Irish Queen Filly Tellitlikeitis Cool To Be Irish Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
45     Oh Bo Who Gelding Luck Be Withyou Crazy For You Rocky Road Stable      
46     The Other Place Filly Class Included Crimmings Victory Hill Farm Inc    
47     Hundred Dollar Bill Filly Crescent Fashion CU Better Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Mervin E Graber    
48     Wastingnotime Gelding Dover Dan Cup Town Girl Daniel Frey Jr    
49     Mom Checked Out Filly Dover Dan Czech It Out Black Creek Farm, Agent    
50     Mr Web Colt Mr Web Page Daylon Mission Black Creek Farm    
51     CS Massive Gem Filly Muscle Massive DC Jewel Oakwood Farms, Agent    
52     Swan's Eye Filly Swan For All Deweye Or Don'teye Woodside Farm, Agent for Devon Schrock      
53     Brookview Charm Filly Swan For All Disbelief Brookview Farms    
54     Virgin Honor Colt Always A Virgin Do Me Honor Victory Hill Farm Inc, Agent for Engle Equine LLC    
55     Dream N Grace OUT Filly Luck Be Withyou Doc's Diva Luckiana Farm  
56     Townline First Luck Colt Luck Be Withyou Donna's First Shark Townline Stables    
57     Starlit Dandy Gelding Dover Dan Don't Miss A Tweet Starlit Stables    
58     Brookview Catch Filly Swan For All Drinksonthehouse Brookview Farms    
59     Starlit Rigginroll Filly Riggins Dutch's Gal Starlit Stables    
60     Dynamic Fashion Filly Crescent Fashion Dynamic Lavec Raberville Farms    
61     Chris Stableton OUT Colt Luck Be Withyou Easy Miss Victor Brenner  
62     Epic Dreamer Colt Dover Dan Epic Smash Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
63     EQ's Super Star Colt Beckham's Z Tam EQ Three Nissley Farms    
64     Urarealleapoffaith Filly Real Desire ER Leap Of Faith Gary Miller & Harry Chestnut    
65     Hopefully Classic Filly Class Included Euphoric Hanover Richard Frey, Agent for Joe Hostetler    
66     Skyway Elvis Colt Valentino Eve Marie Seelster Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
67     Millondollar Swan OUT Colt Swan For All Everything N More Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Daniel Lengacher  
68     Imafastoneinstyle Filly Jailhouse Jesse Explosive Style Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber Jr  
69     Unique Of An Era Filly JK Endofanera Unique Rock N Roll Hidden Acres Stable    
70     JL Hustle Hill Gelding Cherry Hill Park Final Hustle Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent    
71     Misty Melody Filly Real Desire Fishen Mermaid Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
72     Cachefortheladies Gelding Aracache Hanover For The Ladies N Ivy Lane Farm      
73     Brookview Click Filly Dover Dan Fox Valley Click Brookview Farms    
74     Color Me JK Cam Colt JK Endofanera Full Color Camo Loamy Acres      
75     Galley's Luck Colt Luck Be Withyou Galley Wench Sunburst Meadows    
76     Fashion Jeans Gelding Crescent Fashion Gertie Jean Chapel Ridge Farm    
77     Starlit Pride Gelding Mr Cantab Gertie's Pride Starlit Stables    
78     Cantucky Gelding Mr Cantab Graceful Pine JR Stoll Farm    
79     Massive Delight Filly Muscle Massive Graceful Way Oakwood Farms    
80     Starlit Rambo Gelding Jailhouse Jesse Greathearted Starlit Stables    
81     Silvershoe Chixy Filly JK Endofanera Harlow Hall Premier Acres, Agent    
82     Here Comes Socks Filly Banderas Hall Here Comes Ally L & S Stables    
83     Coming Fashion Colt Crescent Fashion Here Comes Annie Black Creek Farm    
84     Pine Princess Lavec Filly Pinetucky Hettie's Lavec Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Javin Lehman  
85     R Miss Cantab Filly Mr Cantab Hey Hippie Girl Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Ray Raber    
86     Triple Lane Chip Colt Lad's Legacy Hops Fantasy Brookview Farms, Agent    
87     Premier Fashion Filly Crescent Fashion Ideal Tsunami Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Jacob Wittmer    
88     Must've Never Met Filly Rockin Image Intelligence In Law Stables, Agent    
89     Glide On Dover Gelding Dover Dan It's Your Deal Daniel Frey Jr    
90     Jay Is Up Next OUT Colt Class Included Janes Says Victory Hill Farm Inc  
91     Just All About Joy Colt Whom Shall I Fear Janet Luckiana Farm      
92     Gloryview Image OUT Gelding Rockin Image JK R U Bettor Yet Woodside Farm, Agent for Matt Troyer    
93     JL Charging Power Gelding Mr Cantab JL Pretty Booties Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent    
94     Hallmark Master Gelding Muscle Massive Joy Of Trotting Rangetop Stables    
95     D Sparklin Virgin Filly Always A Virgin JS Sparklin Image Red Gold Acres  
96     Luckonurside Colt Luck Be Withyou K J Hannah Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Edwin E. Schwartz    
97     Fashion By Katye Colt Crescent Fashion Katye's On The Go Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Alva Graber    
98     Logans Express Colt Class Included Kay Express Alpine Stable    
99     Always B Amy Filly Always A Virgin Keystone Maddie Yoder Standardbreds    
100     Stateline Action Colt Luck Be Withyou Keystone Shoreline Premier Acres, Agent for Stateline Standardbred    
101     Hazzardville Gelding Always A Virgin Lady Ann Spur Rangetop Stables    
102     Stormy Princes Filly Real Desire Lady Jet Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
103     All Delight Filly Always A Virgin Leda's Two Eleven Conquest Acres    
104     Ellpee's Danny Colt Dover Dan Lima Princess Luckiana Farm, Agent for Larry Miller Jr    
105     Always-A-Laser Colt Always A Virgin Lindwood Rosa Integrity Stables    
106     Tree Times A Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Lioninthetree Misty Ridge Stables LLC, Agent    
107     Starlit Thiswanman Gelding Swan For All Love Detective Starlit Stables    
108     Foragoodtimecall Filly Class Included Luna Pier Victory Hill Farm Inc    
109     Alwayssurprisingus Gelding Always A Virgin Major Surprise Ivy Lane Farm      
110     Majors Miracle Filly Luck Be Withyou Majors Centerfold Rocky Ridge Stables    
111     Fastlane Eriana Filly JK Endofanera Matt Tin Roof Fast Lane Stables    
112     Fashion Baby Filly Crescent Fashion Meadowbranch Lulu Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Fashion Hill Farm    
113     Mission Tiger OUT Gelding Riggins Meadowbrook Linda Chapel Ridge Farm    
114     JL I Have A Desire Filly Real Desire Metro Keepsake Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent  
115     Mighty Shark Gelding Shady Shark Hanover Mighty Passion Chapel Ridge Farm    
116     Skiestheluckylimit Colt Luck Be Withyou Miss Communication Loamy Acres      
117     Rocky Road Sam Colt Always A Virgin Miss Sand Shooter Conquest Acres    
118     Everynownthen Filly Always A Virgin Miss Wells Shady Lane Meadows    
119     Missy Photo Filly Dover Dan Missy Hall In Law Stables, Agent    
120     Crescent Money OUT Filly Crescent Fashion Money For Shari Hidden Acres Stable  
121     Priceless Jewel OUT Filly Luck Be Withyou Mountain Music Rockstar Meadows    
122     Macy Filly Muscle Massive Move Over Darling Mast Standardbreds    
123     Fashion Hall Colt Crescent Fashion My Minnie Chip Black Creek Farm, Agent    
124     Bluebird Bowser Colt Muscle Massive My Sweet Shiela Premier Acres, Agent    
125     Hand Dover Dan Colt Dover Dan My Taylor's Ham Sunburst Meadows    
126     It Ain't All Roses OUT Filly Guccio Nannie Oakly Freeman Miller  
127     St Road Lotto Colt Luck Be Withyou Nanshe Blue Chip Premier Acres, Agent for Ray Kuhns    
128     Patty's Luck Filly Luck Be Withyou Nic Nac Patty Mach Townline Stables, Elmer L Yoder    
129     Fashions Wild Girl Filly Crescent Fashion Nimble Kemp Shady Lane Meadows    
130     Starlitcresentroll Gelding Crescent Fashion Nirvana Blue Chip Starlit Stables    
131     Northern Swan Colt Swan For All Northern Goddess Raberville Farms    
132     Townline Lucky Soul Filly Luck Be Withyou Northern Soul Townline Stables    
133     JL Never Parked Gelding Cherry Hill Park Not What It Seems Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent    
134     Gold Star Hypnotic OUT Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Pacific Date Gold Star Farm  
135     Fighten Side Colt Muscle Massive Pass The Popcorn Nissley Farms    
136     Lucky Ruth Filly Odds On Equuleus Passion N Kisses Rockstar Meadows    
137     Lucky LeRoy Colt JK Endofanera Patsy's Luck David Wayne Yoder & Daryl Lehman    
138     Runjayneerun Filly Pine Credit Pebble Link Nissley Farms    
139     Photo Cantab Colt Mr Cantab Photo With Molly Raberville Farms    
140     Starlit Pryncess Filly Tellitlikeitis Pleasing Paisley Starlit Stables    
141     Fritz's News Flash Gelding Pinetucky Portia Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent  
142     Gonna Get It Colt Guccio Posterity Black Creek Farm    
143     Lucky Pot Filly Luck Be Withyou Pot Limit Loamy Acres      
144     Omega Montie Colt Real Desire Precious Gracie Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
145     Sail On Sawyer Colt Pine Credit Prime Time Miss Nissley Farms    
146     Fashion Sir Colt Crescent Fashion Princess Luckiana Farm      
147     Whata Charmer Colt Dover Dan Princess Pablano Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
148     Trey's Charlie Gelding Tellitlikeitis Prissy Krissy Rangetop Stables    
149     Lucky Every Time Filly Luck Be Withyou Pulse A Minute Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Menno Schwartz    
150     Star Of Equuleus Gelding Odds On Equuleus Pure Patience Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Levi Lengacher    
151     Townline Pure Cash Filly Aracache Hanover Pure Vida Townline Stables    
152     Massive Rage Colt Muscle Massive Raging Sea Misty Ridge Stables LLC    
153     Goodswinsatlast Colt Luck Be Withyou RD Rocknroll Rockstar Meadows    
154     Classy Cat Filly Class Included Reach Your Goal Fred & Carolyn Shiery  
155     Lorraine Smoke Filly JK Endofanera Rebid Walnut Ridge Stables    
156     Retha Babe Filly Muscle Massive Redeposit Integrity Stables    
157     Shady Lane Luck Gelding Luck Be Withyou Rock N Art Shady Lane Meadows    
158     Rockabye Fashion Filly Crescent Fashion Rockabye Glory Aron Bontrager    
159     Always B Chasin OUT Filly Always A Virgin Rockin Roll Dancer Rockstar Meadows    
160     Rompaway Bella Filly Pinetucky Rompaway Emiracle Starlit Stables    
161     Marengo Colt Here Comes Herbie Sashay Black Creek Farm    
162     Ringupthetab Filly Mr Cantab Saving Maypole Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Jonathon Stoltzfus    
163     Meadowbrook Sunny Gelding Dover Dan Seeking A Dream Meadowbrook Farm    
164     Seven Point Fashion Gelding Crescent Fashion Seven Point Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber  
165     Woodside Fair Lady Filly JK Endofanera Shared Account Woodside Farm      
166     Sisters United Filly United Ace Sister's Keeper Stanley Miller  
167     King Credit Gelding Pine Credit Spanish Tapas Nissley Farms    
168     RJ Rocks Colt Rockin Image Sports Anchor Richard Frey    
169     Meadowbrook Eva Filly Mr Web Page Successful Mission Meadowbrook Farm    
170     Brookview Cme Go Filly Crescent Fashion Summer Audit Brookview Farms    
171     GV Swanderfuh Filly Swan For All Swedish Babe Glen R. Yoder    
172     Dan's Tag Filly Dover Dan Tag's Blue Black Creek Farm, Agent    
173     Zach's Prize Colt JK Endofanera Terracotta Hanover Walnut Ridge Stables    
174     Cache Flights Rock Filly Aracache Hanover This Flight Rocks Ivy Lane Farm      
175     Hot Rod Web Filly Mr Web Page Toni's Red Hot Black Creek Farm    
176     Walnut Acres Fritz Gelding Muscle Massive Tooting Lane Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
177     One Lame Dame Filly Tellitlikeitis Toss The Ball Verlyn Weaver    
178     Brookview Chap Gelding Dover Dan Trapezius Brookview Farms    
179     Jesse's Winner OUT Filly Jailhouse Jesse Tymal Viva Schmucker Farms    
180     Favorite Page Colt Mr Web Page Favourite Mission Hidden Acres Stable