2023 Midwest Classic Mixed Sale Results - Hips 1-147
Tuesday, November 21 - 12:00 p.m. Start Time

Note: Hips 1-83 are yearlings, Hips 84-87 are weanlings, 88 & 89 are racehorses, 90-95 are stallion shares, 96-147 are broodmares.

Hip Name (Sex Color) Sire-Dam Consignor Buyer Price
1     Downthehillwego (Brown Filly) Ontopofthehill - Raffaelli's Filly Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Lyle Knepp Robert Taylor, Middletown, IN $4,500
2     Let Me Rock (Brown Filly) Don't Let'em - Rockabye Glory Aron Bontrager Aaron Miller, Middlebury, IN $9,000
3     Rockin Treats (Bay Filly) Rockin Image - Sanfrancisco Treat Miller Standardbreds Jerry Schwartz, Decatur, IN $4,000
4     CV Odds In The Wind (Bay Filly) Odds On Equuleus - Scandal In The Wind In Law Stables, Agent Devon Miller, New Paris, IN $5,000
5     Magic Fashion (Bay Filly) Crescent Fashion - Shawnee Magic Chapel Ridge Farm Kate McBurney, Grant Park, IL $5,000
6     Crescent Roll (Bay Filly) Crescent Fashion - Shawnee Red Hoosier Standardbred Farm Chad Clark, Montpelier, IN $7,500
7     Lest G Boy (Brown Gelding) Swan In A Million - Sherra Moor Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent Out
8     Heza Hot Roddin (Bay Colt) Freaky Feet Pete - Sheza Cool Cookie Alpine Stables Jacob Christner, Geneva, IN $1,800
9     Rehelee (Brown Gelding) Swan In A Million - Shivaget Aron Bontrager Vanessa Miller, Syrauces, IN 3,500
10     Move A Million (Bay Gelding) Swan In A Million - Signature Move Hoosier Standardbred Farm Jerry Schwartz, Decatur, IN $5,000
11     Deal The Odds (Brown Colt) Odds On Equuleus - Sono Bello Bluebird Meadows, Agent Out
12     Party Pail (Bay Filly) Swan For All - Soprano Hanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent Mervin Yoder, Topeka, IN $5,500
13     You Know Swan (Brown Colt) Swan In A Million - South Hall Party David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Viola Miller Caleb Miller, Nappanee, IN $3,500
14     Southernhilltopper (Bay Gelding) Ontopofthehill - Southern Holiday Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for JR Stoll Farm JR Stoll, Loogootee, IN $4,500
15     RJ's Sweet Anne (Bay Filly) Capt Midnight - Sports Anchor RJ's Standardbreds Sandra Malikowski, Brookfield, IL $5,000
16     CV Always N Time (Bay Colt) Always A Virgin - Stage Review In Law Stables, Agent Elliot Misshula, Manchester, NH $8,000
17     Swanroseforme (Bay Filly) Guccio - Starlit Swanforme Wittmer Standardbreds Therl Hensley, Daleville, IN $4,000
18     Straight Fuels Turbo (Bay Colt) Beckham's Z Tam - Straight Fuel In Law Stables, Agent for Mel Eash JP Racing LLC, Glen Ellyn, IL $13,000
19     Massive Popsickle (Bay Filly) Muscle Massive - Sugar Pop Miller Standardbred Greg Luther, Blacklick, OH $12,000
20     Midnight Seelster (Bay Filly) Capt Midnight - Synergy Seelster Eden Standardbreds Kimberly Roth, Peotone, IL $9,000
21     Teagan's Image (Bay Gelding) Helpisontheway - Teagan Aron Bontrager Ervin Wickey, Auburn, IN $4,000
22     Thisswansforreal (Bay Filly) Swan In A Million - Tiffy Chapel Ridge Farm Ryan Raber, Agent, Montgomery, IN $7,000
23     Canceled Contract (Bay Filly) Rockin Image - Tyra Shady Lane Meadows Rod Duford, Leamington, Ontario, CAN $3,500
24     Don'tletemparty (Bay Filly) Don't Let'em - Un Aperitif Wittmer Standardbreds Locust Grove Farm, Grabill, IN $7,500
25     Upandoverthehill (Bay Colt) Ontopofthehill - Winky's Cassina Wittmer Standardbreds William Miller, Shipshewana, IN $3,500

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